Botulinum Toxin A(Botox) Workshop & Hands on Training

For Overactive Bladder (OAB) & Hands on Training

Date Registration Fee
(for registered delegates of the conference)
Registration Fee
(for Botox Workshop only)
Day 2 – Friday, 16th December  2016 50 USD 150 USD
Innovation in practice – (OnabotulinumtoxinA) a new treatment option for overactive bladder) Moderators: John Heesakkers /Younis Alshamsi /Foroozan Khezri
Time Session Faculty
14:00-14:10 Welcome
14:10- 14:30 Neuro-anatomy, physiology, NDO/OAB pathophysiology, types Michel Jabbour
14:30-14:40 Q&A
 14:40- 15:00 Overactive bladder – diagnostics and patient profiles

NDO/OAB diagnostics , Urodynamic

patient selection


Mohamed Salah


 15:00-15:10 Q&A
 15:10-15:30  Treating neurogenic Detrusor Overactivity  and idiopathic overactive bladder – an overview

TX options, guidelines, BTX in treatment of dose, site of injection, tips and tricks of the technique follow up, dealing with complications

John Heesakkers
 15:30-15:40 Q&A
 15:40-16:00 Tips for your daily practice
Equipment, service set up , practice hurdles (overcoming catheterization fear/issues , etc..)
Panel discussion

Moderator: John Heesakkers

 16:00-18:00 3 Parallel workshop sessions: OnabotulinumtoxinA hands-on: practical application on injection models

  • Reconstitution and procedure
  • Injection demonstration on models
  • Tips and tricks

Workshop objectives: Patient Expectation meets physician understanding

Learning outcome:

  1. How does a normal bladder work?
  2. What is an overactive bladder
  3. what is NDO
  4. what is Botox and how does it work
  5. who is the best candidate for Botox injection
  6. efficacy, longevity and adverse events

Skill Achievement:
At the end of this workshop candidates will be :

  • Familiar with material (handling, dilution)
  • Able to handle the injection by both rigid and flexible scopes
  • Able to do a proper injection with different techniques.
  • Through 2.5 hours candidate will be engaged with a group of experts in the field of voiding dysfunction with support of the ESFFU, this workshop will facilitate the chance to discuss difficult cases, it fills the gap in the field of uro-gynecology.
  • It will be a good opportunity to Gynecologist, urologists and uro-gynecologist to share their knowledge and exchange their experience of a single topic from different perspectives.


John Heesakkers
Nijmegen, the Netherlands

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Michel Jabbour
Beirut, Lebanon

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Mohamed Salah
Cairo, Egypt

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Foroozan Khezri
Dubai, UAE


Younis al Shamsi
Sharjah, UAE