Corinne Nathalie Tillier
Clinical nurse specialist Uro-oncology
The Netherlands Cancer Institute Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (AVL)
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Ms. Corinne Nathalie Tillier is French, qualified as a State Registered Nurse in 1992 and commenced her carrier at the Cancer Institute of Bordeaux (France). In 2000 she moved to the Netherlands and worked on oncology wards. In 2005 she received her diploma of oncology nurse. She used to work as research nurse and was involved in several studies in onco-urology (prostate carcinoma and renal cell carcinoma). In June 2010 she begun to work to the Netherlands Cancer Institute (uro-oncology) in Amsterdam and went to the High School for the Master Advanced Nursing Practice (MANP) education. In 2012 she received her diploma of MANP. She still works at the Netherlands Cancer Institute and is specialized in localized prostate cancer, localized renal cell carcinoma and penile cancer. She is author and co-author of several scientific publications.

Apart from her function in the cancer institute,  Corinne Tillier is very active in giving presentations in Europe. She was an active member of the Dutch guidelines renal cell carcinoma and prostate carcinoma. She is a member of the French Association of the Oncology Nurse ( AFIC) and write every trimester a column in the magazine BIC about published results of nurse studies.

Since October 2012 she is member of the EAUN and since March 2015 she is Board Member of the EAUN.  In March 2016 she became the Chair of the EAUN Scientific Congress Office (SCO). She is also the Chair of the updated EAUN Guidelines TRUS (Trans-rectal ultra sound) biopsies (expected to be published next year 2017)