Foroozan Khezri
Specialist Adult and Peadiatric Urologist
Head of urology department
Medcare Hospital Jumeirah
Dubai, UAE

Professional Experience:
• Medcare hospital Dubai since 2016
• Iranian Hospital – Specialist Urologist(2006-2011)
• Aliasghar university Hospital for pediatric Health and surgeries(2003-2006)
• Zeinabeh University Hospital – Head of Urology Department(2001-2006)
• Azad Medical University – Assistant Professor(2003-2006)
• Shiraz University of Medical Science(Namazee university and reasearch center1997-2001).
• Shiraz University of Medical Science( 1992-1996 )work experience as General practitioners.
• Belgrade University, Serbia graduated as medical doctor 1986-1992 .

Professional Associations:
• International society of urology
• American Urology Association
• European Urology Association
• Member of Emirates Medical Association(EMA), UAE
• Iranian Pediatric Urology Association
• Iranian Urology Associ

Clinical Expertise & Services Offered:
• 19 years experience as specialist in diagnosis and treatment of female,male and pediatric urinary tract and urology problems.
• 14 years subspeciality experience in Correction and surgeries of different Congenital and acquired anomaly of Urinary Tract in Children.
• Well experienced in treatment of female urinary control,urinary infections,and painfull urination.
• Treatment of Urinary control problem and incontinence in children,and adults.
• Treatment of urinary tract bleeding.
• Treatment of Urinary Incontinence including Surgical Procedures or minimal invasive treatments.
• Expert in urodynamic study and reports(trained in cleveland clinic USA)
• Endoscopic, Laser, Open and ESWL treatment for urinary Stones disease.
• Treatment and Surgery of Kidney, Bladder and Prostate Tumor.
• Treatment for prostate problems and male infertility.
• Treatment for Male and Female sexual dysfunction.
• Treatment of scrotal disease.

Additional Information:
•Including Diagnosis and Surgery of Hypospadias,Epispadias, Vesico-uretric reflux, ureteropelvic junction obstruction
•Surgical correction for undescended testes (Laparoscopic and Open)
•Management of hernia, hydrocele, tortion of testes
•Correction and surgery of micropenis and penile curvatures.
•Treatment of intrauterine & newborn hydronephrosis & urethral valve ablation