Dr.Mohamed Abdel Latif EISSA
Professor of pediatric urology
Cairo University
President of Egyptian Urological Association (EUA)
Past President of Pan African UrologicalSurgeons Association (PAUSA)

Mohamed Eissa, MD is Professor of pediatric urology and past urology Department Chairman in Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt. Dr. Eissa is the first pediatric urologist in Middle East; his practice is limited to pediatric urology since 1979. He is the president of EgypƟan Urological AssociaƟon (EUA) and immediate past President of Pan African Urological Surgeons’ Association (PAUSA). He is also a member of International relations committee and International philanthropic committee, member of international consultation of urological diseases ICUD ; he is a member of American Academy of pediatrics‐section urology, board member of Arab association of urology, member of SIU, EAU, ICCS and ESPU, and honorary member of AUA also awarded Félix‐Guyon Medal 2011 at the 105th Annual meeting of the French Urological Association.