Rados Djinovic
ESGURS – EAU (European Association of Urology)
Section of Uro-Genital Reconstructive Surgery
“Sava Perovic Foundation” – Center for Genito
Urinary Recosntructive Surgery
Belgrade, Serbia

Mr Rados Djinovic is the international known protégé of the late Sava Perovic and has continued to carry out surgeries at the prestigious Sava Perovic Foundation in both Belgrade and Serbia. Rados has performed surgeries at the foundation which have not been done anywhere else in the world which has put him and his team in genito-urethral reconstruction league of their own. Rados is a member of EUA (European Urological Association), ESGURS (European Society of Genito-Urinary Reconstructive Surgeons), ESSM (European Society of Sexual Medicine), ESAU (European Society of Andrological Urology), ESPU (European Society of Paediatric Urology), and the WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) He specializes in Male and female uro-genital reconstructive surgery, Paediatric uro-genital reconstructive surgery and Transgender surgery.