Susanne Vahr Lauridsen
Clinical nurse specialist
Urological Department
University Hospital of Copenhagen
Rigshospitalet, Denmark


2014 – Phd-student at the University of Copenhagen, Graduate school of Health and Medical science.
2005 – Master in Adult Learning and Human Ressource Development from Department of Education, Aarhus University.
2005 – Assigned external examinar at the University Colleges.
2001 – Diploma in nursing, University College at Aarhus University.
1990 – Registered nurse from Ribe Amts Nursingschool.

Working experience

1990 – 1992 department of orthopedic surgery, Esbjerg Hospital
1992 – 1993 department of internal medicine, Frederiksberg Hospital
1993 – department of urology, University hospital of Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet.

Since 2001 I have been working with both pre-graduate and postgraduate education in the department. My main focus has been on competence development of the newly appointed nurses. As chair of the EAUN guideline group, I have been part of the following guidelines:

2016 – Vahr, Susanne: “EAUN launches up-date of the first EAUN guideline: ” Male external catheters in Adults – Urinay Catheter management”. ” I European Urology Today, Congress News, 13.March 2015
2016 – Geng.V, Cobussen-Boekhorst.H, Lurvink.H, Pearce.I, Vahr.S: Male external catheters in adults”-Urinary catheter management.
2015 – Vahr S, W. De Blok, N.Love-Retinger, B. Thoft Jensen, G.Villa and J. Hrbácek: “ Intravesical instillation with mitomycin C or bacillus Calmette- Guérin in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer”. Evidence-based Guidelines for Best Practice in Urological Health Care. European Association of Urology Nurses
2013 – Vahr, S, V. Geng,  H. Cobussen-Boekhorst, J.Eikenboom, S.Holroyd, M.Lester, I. Pearce, og C.Vandewinkel, ”Catheterisation-Urethral intermittent in adults.Dilatation, urethral intermittent in adults”. Evidence-based Guidelines for Best Practice in Urological Health Care. European Association of Urology Nurses.
2012 – Geng V,  H. Cobussen-Boekhorst,J. Farrell, M.Gea-Sánchez, I.Pearce, T. Schwennesen, S. Vahr og C. Vandewinkel”Catheterisation -Indwelling catheters in adults. Urethral and Suprapubic”.